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We all know that in order to  be found on the internet by people who are typing in keywords, we need to find the right keywords for our niche so that we end up in the forefront – best of all page 1 of google.

When I first considered this concept I thought it would be a hopeless case, but it works.

  • First you need to think of a number of keywords which you might be using to search for information about your niche. Once you have them you need to establish which of them are the best to be used in your blog on a consistent basis.
  • There is a free Google Tool where you can enter your keyword or keyword phrase in a box, you can select the region where you want to search – I use worldwide, and you select the language, put in the captchas and click search.

Using the free google tool you will get 100 answers you will see how often your keyword is put in by someone. Ideally your keyword should be in a range of 300 – 1500, I found. If it is not you need to sort the 100 key words the tool gave you by search number and that gives you the chance to get ideas which keywords that google associates with yours, will be in this range – proceed to check all your keywords and in the process you will find 2 or 3 keywords you might want to use on a consistent basis.

However, there is a second step which you have to do in this process. Once you have a keyword which might fit the search criteria you need to make a search for it in google. See how many “answers” show up. Next you put quotation marks around your keyword – like “keyword search” and search again. The number of replies should drop down. Ideally to 5000 – 10 000 – that is the competition you are facing for your exact phrase.

Have fun checking this out, for more training in this line connect and join into our free training.

Let me know how you are doing with establishing your target keywords :).

All that is needed now is that you start massive blogging for a few weeks – twice a day would be good so that you will be found by the google crawlers.

To Your Targeted Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    Frieke this is an excellent article and a great help for people who want their ranking improved … well done

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    Thanks Frieke for sharing such valuable information for bloggers who have a huge desire to get noticed. Look forward to your next post. ~Darlene

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