Insane Productivity in Network Marketing Today


“Insane Productivity”

It appears to be insane to use this expression for extremely high productivity – a real joke!

It is obvious that  to achieve high success in network marketing today you are looking out for strategies that let you explode your productivity.

You will say at once that it is leverage that creates this productivity in a network marketing business. This is true, but you need to get there in the first place.

Leverage is the result of effort accumulated over time. A new network marketing business doesn’t start with success on day one, nor does any other business in fact. You need to do all the diligent homework you do in any other business and then  get it going through persistence, personal development and nurturing team work.

In this process there are a number of things which may help you on the way:

  • Be peaceful within. High productivity needs work, no doubt, but you also need peace of mind and a relaxed approach. Love what you are doing and be focused. When you love what you are doing you will be able to see things in a positive light so that everything will flow freely.
  • Take action. There is no productivity without action! It is not enough to plan to climb the Mt.Everest – you need to go there and actually do it!.
  • Get organized. You need to have a clean workplace. Don’t push  things off and work without delays. There are some people who have the strange idea that anyone who is tidy is only too lazy to put in a good search – I think investing that search time into work will get you a lot further.
  • Be proactive. Let your creativity kick in – it may even help you to get things done a lot quicker than anticipated.
  • Do what you love or love what you do. In any work schedule there will be things you really like and others which you don’t really like that much – do them with a good mood nevertheless it will minimize procrastination. With practice you may get over this dislike.  Let work be your passion and it will be easy.
  • Communicate with nature. We are part of nature and cannot be detached from it. Food, water air and all around us are part of nature. Blending with nature will set your mind at rest and the better you manage it on all levels the healthier you are likely to be – this again increases your  productivity. Your success in your network marketing business will  benefit greatly – especially if your products are in tune with a natural aspect – like healthy food, or whatever.

Implementing these thoughts into your life-style and business building activities you will be an excellent role model for your network marketing team and you will attract awesome people as business partners.

The result will be incredible leverage and a rate of success in your network marketing business you can now only dream of

To Your Insanely Productive Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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