How To Build Self-confidence Part 1


Build Confidence in Yourself

This inner knowledge that you can do it, that you will achieve and that you are capable as you are.

We all have it when we are born – however the imprint we receive from our environment makes it disappear. It is not lost, but it is buried so to speak.

As long as you are leading an average life you are not conscious of this loss as a rule. You have adapted over time, except for the small percentage of revolutionaries who do not conform and who haven’t lost this inner knowledge of who they are.

As soon as you change your environment and start into independence professionally, this lack becomes obvious quickly. You wonder what is going on and why you do not perform and achieve as you have laid it out. Especially in network marketing today, where success is closely entwined with people and building relationships, it becomes quickly apparent that you are blocked for some intangible reason.

The balance is found in uncovering your inherent self-confidence. Uncovering the person who you really are. The person who attracts easily those  people who will be the right ones to achieve success through team work and mutual support.

Here are a couple of hints that may help you in this quest of finding yourself:

  • Educate yourself on personal development. Knowing what it is all about will help you immediately. Mind you it will take practice, but the topic will gain shape in your mind.
  • Activate your mind and body link. There is this old saying that a healthy minds lives easier in a healthy body -  one factor of it is  your posture. Keep yourself upright, straight! You will notice that your mind will appreciate it and you will feel a lot better.

There are many more factors which come into play. In part 2 I’ll give you some hints that might help you in your business environment on a more practical level.

To Your Confident Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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