Network Marketing Today – Be a Mentor with a Heart for People


There is this term in mentoring for free:

 “A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart”

and it is quite surprising how many people seem to have a problem with this mentality. Being a mentor with a heart for people is understood  only by some.

People will say – why do you do this for free or  wonder if this will end up in exploitation. No it doesn’t.

  • Having a heart for  people doesn’t imply that you cannot say NO. First there is no point in just sponsoring pure curiosity and second it is not the task of a mentor to “carry” somebody.
  • It is the task of a mentor to help empower people. To help them find their own self-worth and strength. To teach them skills they might not have and which are required for success online.

For valid mentorship it takes two sides – not only in school or normal life, but also in network marketing today:

There has to be the mentor with an ethical mindset and there has to be a student who wants help and co-operates.

If I find out that someone simply wants to use me – no way. I won’t permit that. I will say NO. Sometimes “tough love” will create an aha moment and after a period of reflection such a person may come back and understand. After all they want to create success in building their business.

Others need to cook in their own stew until they wake up.

As  mentor with a servant’s heart in network marketing today giving is natural. It is heart warming to see people grow as a person and in their skills which will then lead to success in building their network marketing business and will also put them in a place where they can mentor others, also showing a heart for them.

When you read “A Course in Miracles” you will see that this approach is very much in tune with our age.

We need to be the ones who make a change in the world, one person at a time.

To Your Heart-felt Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    You are correct, not every one has a heart of a servant. Does this mean that as we help others that we have to bow to their every whim. NO! But as you mention sometimes they have to stew for awhile before they want to be mentored by those who have a servant’s heart.
    Thank you Frieke for being one of those Mentors with a servant’s heart.

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