Contracts in Network Marketing Today



What are contracts in Network Marketing Today? 

The contracts are 

the Policies and Procedures!

Talking to network marketers of today you will quickly learn that only few people  ever read their policies and procedures- what a plight! This is a huge handicap for success!

Have you ever heard that somebody who invests into any kind of business will not read their contract carefully or even have it checked by a lawyer who specializes in business contracts? Not really. The reason for it is that the investments to be made are far too high to take any risk.

There is not so much difference between conventional business and network marketing today.

  • In conventional business you invest lots of money and then pay back for years until you reach the break even point when you finally start  making money that actually belongs to you.
  • In network marketing you are investing your time till you finally reach the point where you earn good money as you have finally reached success.

In either case the risk is the same, if you have not made sure you are in a good contract. In conventional business you might be out of business long before you reach the break even point and in network marketing you might wake up with a big bump when you finally realise that your efforts only benefitted the company you are with as they can terminate you any time as they desire to in accordance with the policies and procedures which you have never read.

You never even realised that they contained clauses like “ongoing support for your downline” or “termination at the sole discretion of the company” or “contract renewal  at the sole discretion of the company” and many more. It might even be so bad that your check stops without forewarning for any of the stated reasons or many others in fact and you only realise then the mistake you made.

Do you  start “seeing” the importance of reading your contract? Find it now and read it to at least minimize damage! If you need help say so!

To Your Safe Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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