Law of Attraction in Network Marketing Today


Law of Attraction is not a Magic Wand from a Fairy Tale, it’s in a way Universal Physics

When you consider a “magic wand” of  performing magicians it can , however, be likened to the law of attraction.

To perform a magic show you need to  be the master of your “tricks” – know exactly what you do when and that you need to do it just right to keep you audience in awe.

And of course we all wish it was simple but making the law of attraction work for you is just as tricky. Physics work, so do universal physics, but we have to figure out to make it work for us so that we actually get what we want and where we want.

The question is not if you  believe in the law of attraction or not. If you do what is required  the law of attraction works anyways, very much like you can drive a card yet don’t know how to make it if you get it as a load of all the single parts of it. So let’s look at some basics.

  • Start your day with positive thoughts,
    instead of thinking about having to get up once again so early  and all the stress of the new day which is waiting for you. Starting your day on negative thoughts is setting you up for failure. You are switching on the “magnetism of negative experience”. Make the effort of starting your day on positive thoughts.
  • Visualize already at the end of the day  what your next day will be and how much you will get done and achieved. Such a positive picture will let you rest a lot better and it will provide the grounds for relaxed waking up as you have it all in place ahead of time.
  • A good way not to get hooked on negative thoughts is to not  think at all or to think of minor, trivial things – nice ones, like the good joke you heard a couple of days back or whatever.
  • Then stretch, take a deep breath and think of something you like, something that gives you joy or positive expectancy – may be an outing you have in mind, a person you love, your pet, there are so many options and everyone will choose different.
  • Keep you mind away from negative thoughts. The best way to do it is to keep the mind occupied with what you are doing. This has a dual benefit – first you don’t fall into negative thoughts and second when you focus on what you  are doing your performance will be excellent and you have another positive input as a result.

I guess this sounds easy – it is, but it needs practice, it needs applying the Slight Edge Strategy:

All easy things can be done easily, but they can also easily not be done.

So don’t worry about more complicated approaches you might run across – do the simple thing but do it.

When you apply this slight edge strategy also to your success in network marketing today you will find, that there are many simple things which need to be done to get you successful and every single one can be done easily, but can also easily not be done. And for the sheer fact that it is all so easy, the long-term importance tends not to be seen and considered in the right way.

To Your Slight Edge Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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