Network Marketing Today – 5 Steps to Success, Part 3


There are only 5 steps – but still there is much to know about them – and it is only the tip of the “ice-berg”


4. Sponsoring.

“Sponsoring” – it’s always good once in a while to go into the dictionary and check out a word – even if we think we  know it’s exact meaning. “Support, help” -  that’s why  I take that word differently than most people.

I have YOUR success at heart!

When I sponsor you, I am your sponsor for life. I’m 61 years young and in 40 years or so, I’ll be going to your funeral, or you’ll be going to mine.  You and I will be in business for the rest of our lives.

You need to choose the people you want to be in business with!  My upline mentor keeps saying, "Only sponsor people that you’d want to go on a 1-month cruise with." This is so crucial – choose your business partners for life well. I said the other day – “choose a company with as much care as if you were choosing a spouse. Very much the same applies to your business partner!


5. Training.

The sheer fact that formal education is missing for network marketing it is still an absolute necessity to teach, train, coach and mentor you bring in so that they have the best possible knowledge on how to do network marketing today!

A team website and a step-by-step action plan come in handy as you have got  to train them. Most people need  a reference where they can update what they have heard and repeat it again and again.

To build a network marketing business successfully to day you need the skills which will let you do so. It will not help you to study your product details.Most people don’t want to be sold anyways.

Instead “study people”. Learn to apply the personality colours. Learn how to listen to people – never forget we have two ears and only one mouth! These are the skills that help you move on in business so that you will reach your dreams.

You teach them to deal with their prospects as you have just dealt with them and the cycle repeats itself.

It is like a ring: Step 1 flows smoothly into Step 2. Step 2 into Step 3. Step 3 into Step 4. Step 4 into Step 5. And step 5 into Step 1.  There is no edge and no end.

There is nothing to hinder the prospect in moving forward. Keep working on yourself and help them to do the same.

To be long-term successful, you need to have such a smooth marketing system for your business.  I love the one I use because it is complete and offers total training in the skills of working with people. Everyone can get better and better‚

When everyone is using the same system it is much easier for you to help them -  you increase your experience, so do they,  and the cycles moves up and up, creating success in network marketing today for all who co-operate.

To Your Success,

Frieke Karlovits
A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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