Network Marketing Today – Is Your Company Web-shop Free?


Free Company Web-shop?

Yes of course! After all as a distributor you have to abide with all the detailed company descriptions about your product. The company normally has checked it all out legally and whatever there is on their home page should be safe.

  • This is one big reason why it should make sense for any company to give their distributors a web-shop and  since the distributors are doing all the advertising so that the products are turned it would be a fair sharing of efforts between the company and the distributors.

So why are there so many companies out there who don’t do this?

As it is know that most network marketing companies hire their software/database and don’t own it – well additional web-shops might be a cost factor for them and so they charge their distributors – very likely even making profit on the web-shop.

  • The second issue about not owning the software/database is that very often the small print contains clauses that the software company owns the data base – I wrote about this before.

Another reason may be a commission plan issue – as in a binary plan, for instance,   where the payments can only be made if an adequate number of distributors fail at building a network marketing business – it may well be a welcome additional income for the company to have a fee on the web-shop – paid not only by those who make money, abut also by the big number of people who will fail in their venture of building their network marketing business successfully.

The argument of the companies may be “it would cost you a lot more to do it yourself” and that in view of perhaps policies and procedures which even contain restrictions as to internet marketing. Yes – you read correctly – this still exists. there are companies who do not like major marketing activities on line – most odd reasons given.

So spinning this thread further if you are looking at a company which will be charging you for the web-shop or perhaps even charging you  twice – also taking money  for your genealogy report, etc., then I guess you better look twice:

  • read the policies and procedures very intently and also check out the pros and cons of the commission plan. the entire package may well not be what you want to put your effort in for. After all you want to have success at building your network marketing business today!

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Frieke Karlovits

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  1. Christa


    Toller Blog!
    Well, to offer each distributor a web-shop is maybe not even wanted from every distributor. And the company might not enjoy the marketing taktics of all their distributors. But as you say, there are many reasons.

    • Reply

      well, for people who want to work on line a webshop is a MUST and it needs to be one which matches all legal requirements so that the distributor as well as the company are safe! Lots of mischief going on around this topic.

  2. Reply

    This is precisely why the company offers the web-shop, so that it does meet all legal perimeters. There are those who do not read their contract and go out and make their own websites getting themselves and the company in trouble for saying this they had not have said. But the questions still remains, why should you have to pay for it. Companies will make thousands and thousands on the backs of the distributors from the websites alone. Are they not happy with the sales that the distributors will bring to the business. I guess not…greed and ego.

    Thanks for this post Frieke.

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