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In network marketing today you are building a business for a life-time and longer. So why would you want to persuade someone  to come along who has no personal inclination to do something or to change his situation in life.

You want to work with people whom you have an excellent resonance with and who are “all in “ as far as business is concerned.

Your marketing has to be targeted to the people who know what they want in life, who have a vision and the drive to achieve it! The volunteers!

A good target group are people who already are in network marketing. they are pre-sold. They show it to you through the fact that they have already tried to do something, that they are searching, that they want to make a change in their circumstances and that they are prepared to “move”.

It is wise to connect with this target group – build relationships and friendships and help them on with what ever questions they may be having or what ever their struggles might be in their business.

Among those with whom you connect there will be some who are actually looking for the right business to settle down with. They either have just arrived at the conclusion that network marketing is exactly what they are looking for and they are overwhelmed with the amount of companies out there that are seemingly potential partners.

This is the first topic where you can be of immense help as very few people actually know what to look for and what to watch out for. My last series on the 5 pillars goes into this topic.

Then of  course there are those who have been struggling in this industry for ages. Connecting with them it is fairly easy to find out if their struggle is the result of doing nothing or of simply doing the wrong things or perhaps of being in a company where failure is “part of the program” so to speak.

You feel you are in one of  the groups of people I describe here? Well, that’s easy – get yourself educated! Get started with the free training which starts with the free ebook in the side bar of this blog and then proceed step by step till you can find our yourself which reasons apply for your failure. Mostly you will find out that your lack of success in building your network marketing business is not your fault.

To Your Informed Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    Frieke you tell an important message her and this is very true…”You want to work with people whom you have an excellent resonance with and who are “all in “ as far as business is concerned.”

    In the long run it just makes networking more fun for all involved. Much easier to work with someone who WANTS to do it then someone you have to convince every month to stay in the “game”.


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