Unlock Your Intuition By Being Positive


Being positive is one of the most propagated things in network marketing today. It was integrated as part of a relaxed life-style to start with  and  of course it is years now that the law of attraction is open knowledge.

Being positive and fear are antagonists – they cannot exist in the same place. Why? let me give you a picture – it is the same that you cannot walk up and down a hill at the same time – you have to decide: do I want to go  up or do I want to go down – otherwise you stay  in the same spot. Mind you there are plenty of people around who kind of “run in the mouse wheel” – they run and run and get tired, even exhausted for all the running they do, yet they stay in the same spot not even realising.

Fear is a state of mind which closes you down. In a situation where fear is present intuition cannot kick in. You are paralysed so to speak. So how can anyone make proper decisions in life or even in business in such a state. I someone  who is in fear decides to do a network marketing business he is likely to listen to all those alluring offers of people who sell leads or practice other rip offs in disguise.

To be able to have success in network marketing and elsewhere you have to have a clear head, be positive and open for what life has in store for you. Ongoing personal development work, best within a like-minded mastermind group will put you into this place. In this process, once the fear is gone, gut feeling – intuition will kick in. At first you perhaps may not be consciously aware of it but if you are willing to move forward it won’t take long and you will cherish these feelings as valuable input. In fact it is our link to infinite intelligence!

Be positive! It unlocks your intuition. Start listening to it and learn the required skills in this positive mind set. Even learning the skills will give different results, as you see them from a different perspective. This is the power package which will put you on your road to success in network marketing today.

To  Your Positive Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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