“Unfun” in Network Marketing Today – You do Something Wrong

unfun in network marketing


 A Network Marketing Business is FUN!

(If it is “unfun” you are doing something completely wrong!)

In conventional business FUN is not really an attribute which is used very often – it is topics like strategy, performance, numbers, meeting pre-set turnover, economizing, labour cost and many other things, that are being discussed and handled. Mostly all of these aspects are considered seriously and control on all levels kicks in.

After all the company, the management  need to make money on the back of the work of many employees.  The present economy is bemoaned, political decisions, the international market and which ever influence which might serve as an excuse for not performing to target. The discussion focus is on “difficult and hard”, not on FUN. Or have you ever heard giving network marketing as an industry with good growth rates which can serve as an example? I bet you haven’t!

It is very different in network marketing. It is FUN! You may wonder why I say FUN should be one of the key element in network marketing today – after all I have claimed in previous posts that network marketing is a business as any other. Yes, as far as its legal status is concerned, as it may even be handed on to heirs if the company policies and procedures allow it (and very often they don’t – so beware what you chose!).

But network marketing is a business that centers around people. What’s even better – we have the choice who we take into our business – we certainly don’t need everyone nor do we want everyone! You need to see that network marketing is a business for life so anyone who comes into your business will be a person who you will be in business with for a life time.

Yes there is a work part – in fact a lot of work, focus, dedication, persistence, planning, as in every other business too. But there is this human factor of having business partners for life who become friends, good friends over time and we share conventions, company trips and more.

It would be huge “unfun” if we’d have to go on a cruise with a bunch of people who we don’t like. It would be huge “unfun” to do workshops with people we don’t like – no matter if online or somewhere in a seminar center in real life .

So when you decide to go into network marketing today, make sure you clarify all the clauses in the policies and procedures which might prove “unfun” later on and make sure you choose those business partners you can imagine to be on a 3 months cruise with,  having FUN and enjoying life!

To Your FUN – Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with A Servant’s Heart

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