Network Marketing Today – Do You Trust Your Gut?


You may wonder why I connect network marketing and gut feeling. The reply is very simple. Network marketing is a peoples business and especially when you work with people your gut feeling is indispensible.

This does not only  apply for “sensing” who you want to connect with and who not. It is also important, and that is the first priority, to determine who you are.

Working on your self worth and intuition or gut feeling are connected and interactive. You may wonder where your intuition is coming from – does it come from inside or from outside of you? Do you connect with it at all? For some gut feeling belongs in the realm of superstition but more and more people realise that listening to the gut feeling can be very helpful, even sharp.

Napoleon Hills says again and again that intuition, gut feeling is one way how infinite intelligence connects and gives us input. Considering gut feeling from that angle it is the highest wisdom we can follow.

In the old days gut feeling was normal. Our ancestors relied on their intuition and way back reading subtle energy patterns was part of survival strategies. They were connected to animals and nature – only look at the many stories you will be able to find where the weather, for instance, is connected to animal behaviour, such as: “the ants go deep down into the ground – there will be a hard winter” and many others. 

In order to become really successful in network marketing start working more with your intuition, your gut feeling. Become who you really are. The magnetism you will be creating within yourself will attract whatever you need. Let it help you for creating your mastermind, bring people to you who are just designed as life long business partners and lots more.  Be relaxed when your gut tells you to “do something different”!  The law of attraction works.

To sum up – work on your personal development, trust your gut, your intuition, connect with your mastermind group, work with people on your heart level, which is the centre of your “magnetism”. When you act from your heart your communication will be “heart felt” and your results in network marketing will become incredible.

This is the great difference of network marketing today and all sorts of old, even outdated business building techniques. This is the first part of a number of posts that will follow to this topic.

To Your Heart-felt Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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