Belief and Trust in Network Marketing Today

 Are You All In?

imageTrust and belief – I guess it is unusual to connect them with business, however, in businesses where teamwork is the focus of activities, trust and belief are necessities. Artists, who work high  up somewhere, are a very good example of absolute trust and belief in each other!

There are several levels to it. When you look at a network marketing company you need to ask yourself, “do I have trust in the company”? Are they having my best wellbeing at heart as they understand we, that is the distributor and the company depend on each other, as one cannot do without the other.

  • There are companies out there who use their distributors as donkeys – they let them work till the company is well off and then they are happy to dispense with some of the top earners in order to put the money they’d have to pay out into their own pocket.
  • On the other hand there are companies out there who are very much aware of this team aspect between distributors and the company and they treat their “field” well. They know about the value of your performance and they cherish you for it and see that you are thriving.

The second level of trust is your trust and belief in the team you signed up with. Are they aware that their network marketing organization is as strong as the weakest limb or are they only looking for heavy hitters and don’t care about the “normal you and me” who build success in network marketing the slow pace – slow but solid.

Do They give you the support and the friendship you need to be your best? If so, great!

The third and probably the governing of all levels is – do you have trust and belief in yourself. You need to grow as a person until you solidly believe in yourself, in who you are, in your capacity to build this network marketing business successful..

You trust and believe that any challenges which come your way are designed to make you grow as a person. You have it in you to be that person who is an incredible leader, who helps others over the stumbling stones to success in network marketing today! You deserve happiness and success – it is your destiny.

Work to become who you really are and you you need to be to be this amazing leader in your life and business!

To Your Trusting Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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