Network Marketing Today – Power of A Team

The power of the team cannot only be observed in network marketing. It can be observed everywhere in this world.image

Let’s start with something simple – take one match and break it – well, easy, of   course! Take a bunch of matches, hold them together as a bunch and try to break it – not easy at all – depending on the diameter of the bunch even impossible.


You can also see it in the animal kingdom – herds, swarms, flocks, whatever the various groups of animals are called – they stick together, as together their chance for survival is a lot higher.



When it comes to  humans it is quite obvious – where bigger groups stick together   and follow a plan, an idea, ward off danger or whatever, it works. One person at a time would be lost, but as a team they can make it! It is a proven success principle of old.


When it comes to building a network marketing business the power of the team is of major importance.

Working together, sharing views and ideas, helping one another without an agenda – that’s what makes people succeed. In a network marketing team there should be team spirit across all organisations – no competition or hick – hack .

People who are building within the same company should always consider themselves as one team.  That way a company as well as the distributors will have a solid business success.

I’d like to span the bow wider – it is important to have co-operation and support within the entire industry of network marketing. This idea of togetherness should cause companies to offer even better opportunities so that people have more choices where to build a solid business.

It is the Power of A Team that can change the world!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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