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For some strange reason the necessity of skills for success in network marketing has not become established yet.

In any other job, profession, trade it is considered normal that solid training is required. Nobody would dream of becoming a lock smith without learning it, or a teacher with out going to college, or a doctor without studying medicine, or a lawyer or anything else. Most of them have to go through additional training once they have finished the basic course.

So why on earth would anyone “think” they could do network marketing anyways?

Yea – I know – most people are aware of the fact that they are giving recommendations from the time onwards when they can speak – but that’s only part of it.

Very much like a person who has a high musical talent still has to practise playing the piano or in fact any other instrument to become really proficient, a person who wants to go into network marketing and do more than just “dabble around” needs to go through some solid training to really make it in network marketing today. It’s always been that way but today with so much internet technology being part of business activities apart from the person to person skills of communication and more, acquiring skills has become an absolute MUST:

Skills: personal development of self and helping others with it, knowing how to choose a business, lead generation (handling internet sites, social networks, blogging, advertising and a lot more), connecting with the leads in a way that a good percentage become business partners, …. the list is ongoing.


Not all training on the internet meets the required standards – so watch out, choose well, don’t let yourself be ripped off!


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Frieke Karlovits

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