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A Mentor With a Servant’s Heart has become somewhat a term in the mentoring scene for network marketing today.

It sounds good and seems easy and in a way it is. However when you look closer and a little deeper, there are aspects which do need additional attention.

People tend to smile when the discussion is around mind reading. Very often it is not taken serious, but in fact we do it all the time if we know it or not.

I think everybody has this experience that we trust somebody at first sight or we are weary about somebody no matter how long that person may be around us and even more so if the person doesn’t give any reason for this weariness.

The difference is in the mindset of the people in question. Those who approach us without and “agenda” in mind, simply being open to communicate and be friendly and eventually perhaps become friends, they are the ones where we feel comfortable spontaneously.

And those where we have this weariness, this uneasiness which persists – well, as a rule we find out at some stage that they have an “agenda” on their mind. To make this more precise – when you look at business it may be those  who offer us  training on the forefront, however, at the back of their mind they have a distinct personal desire to have us in their network marketing business. As a rule the surface wears thin after a while and the true colour shows up.

A mentor with a servant’s heart will be taken as such if there is no agenda in mind.

There is this saying in network marketing – if you help enough people your success is a direct result. Of course it is. If you help people with their well-being at heart they feel it, no matter if they acknowledge it or not. And there will be for sure some among them who are on the look out for a business opportunity and when they are comfortable around you and happy with what you provide they will gladly join in with you. In fact they will ask you if you are willing to take them into your business so that you can help them to be successful in what they are doing – it is their business even though they have signed up with you!

In a previous post I spoke about working with the volunteers – that’s how it works.

To Your Heart-felt Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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