Network Marketing Today – You Hate Selling?

                                                                                                 Oh NO!!


Are you among the 90+% of people who hate selling? And what’s more – do you even hate to be sold?

I can perfectly understand you – I am just the same!

For this very reason network marketing today is THE business opportunity for you.

Yes – it is THE business opportunity for YOU!

There is this totally wrong idea that has been roaming the business world for 40+ years by now, that network marketing is sales. It is NOT.

Of course you are right – every honest network marketing  business had products. This is where the money is coming, no doubt. BUT – do you ever buy what you need? Do you buy your groceries, your clothes, cosmetics – what ever else you may be needing? Sure, yes! So your network marketing business is another channel for your to buy products you want to buy. Right.

Does it ever happen that your mom, your friend, your spouse, even your neighbour asks you to kindly do some shopping for them since you are already going out and they are in a hurry, are sick or are having a hard time getting there? Yes? Do you oblige? So – if YOU want what you buy from your network marketing company – would you be willing to let them have it too? I am sure you agree!

So that’s what network marketing is all about – you buy what you want and let some who you interact with also have your product.

You are bewildered? You have heard that you can make a full-time income in network marketing today and even more – this didn’t sound like it….

The big and the much more vital part of network marketing is showing people that they can do the same you do! It means giving others a chance. This is how you create many many consumers for your network marketing company – they don’t  have to spend on advertising and stuff, but instead pay you for your recommendation – isn’t that neat?

It is a win- win – win situation – you win because you have products you want and you earn money – the people you recommend it to also have the joy of buying what they want and to earn money – the company has dedicated customers and need not worry about advertising and pays those who help creating turnover.

It is such an easy concept yet humans have managed to complicate it. Doesn’t matter – once you understand you will happily learn the skills you require to do all that is involved if you want to do this business on a business scale and you will grow immensely personally as a result of learning how to interact with more and more people, showing them how to own their lives by building a profitable network marketing business today.

I’ll be glad to show you the way!

To Your Network Marketing Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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