Responsibilities in Network Marketing Today


Responsibilities – WE carry the world!

Yes – we do have a responsibility when we enter a people’s business like network marketing today.

Working with people internationally creates an increased responsibility. There is not only the trust that needs building from person to person, but there also is this element of “being foreign” that needs to be bridged, which takes building even more trust.

In this process as people get to know each other and enter into mutual growth processes, honesty, integrity, truth, having the best intention for the other, are necessities which cannot be replaced. Even slight slips, unless acknowledged and mended will have an undesirable impact

Accepting these responsibilities will build relationships strong enough that a successful  life-time business can be built together. These responsibilities work well when they are mutual. Even if one is the teacher at some stage and the other one the pupil – eventually it will be give and take as the teacher gets the pupil that fits and the pupil gets the teacher that fits.

This responsibility also extends to the business that is being built. there needs to be integrity of the field towards the network marketing company in question, but  at the same time there needs to be absolute integrity on behalf of the company towards the field too. One cannot do without the other.

And to state another point – there needs to be responsibility of how we present us, our team, our business to the world. does it happen in a “clean” way without sneaky or secretive actions? Long-term result will show up what is what and who is who.

I hope I got you thinking and you will bear these thoughts in mind when planning, working, building your network marketing business today.  The resulting rate of success will prove your actions right.

To Your Responsible Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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