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Planning? Of course! Network marketing is a business as any other!

In the last few posts we have talked a bit about the importance of personal development so let’s skip that now.

What is the most important asset in a network marketing business? It’s your prospects. So how about “planning” your prospects. No this is not a joke.

Part of your planning has to be, to determine what sort of prospect you want to attract. The more detail you give this thought the better.

There are those who simply say – I want my prospects to be like me or like… – that’s easy if you have references like that.

However seeing it long-term, as network marketing is a long-term business and should be designed to pay not only you but also your children and even your grand children, a blending of a number of different qualities might prove a definite bonus for team building.

In network marketing today, where knowledge about the personality colours is not a secret, we are very much aware that people who match different colours, have different strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s give network marketing an overview:

you need those who are good at sponsoring, others who are good at training the team and giving support, but you also need products to be turned and you need to have those who know precisely how a commission plan is used best to maximize profits. And of course you don’t want the business to be totally boring but fun, with new people being attracted all the time as things are “on the move”.

You see – when you really give “planning your prospects” a closer thought there is work to be done in the workshop of your mind, the center of your imagination where your thoughts eventually are blended with passion so that they can materialise!

Let’s go into  other topics next time.

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