5 Pillar Company in Network Marketing Today – Part II


Pillar Number 2

Is the company a start-up company or even worse a “pre-launch” company – or has it passed the “early failure” time line?

Which products does the company  offer? Are they in tune with the beginning of a massive consumer trend?

What do I mean with this – products appear and disappear and this cycle is driven by consumer demand. In the days of the “baby boomers”  baby clothes and shoes, later toys for small children were big business  – 20 years later there was the huge real estate boom – look at real estate now.

You need to have a product which is on the rising scale of demand. That is the only way to build a business with a “chance for everyone” who does the work. Outside of these periods the same products will require marketing sales experts to be turned.

And as said above – don’t go into start-up or pre-launch opportunities. Most companies don’t last even two years and the average distributor needs a 2 year learning curve before he starts making money – see what I  mean? So make sure the  company you join is at least 2 years old.

Another “rather not” are companies who have passed their prime time who have become rhinos. The big growth potential is gone there and if you actually want to  have success in building a network marketing business today you are minimizing your chances! 

There is more that can be said in this context – again you are welcome to join the free training to learn it all.

Stay tuned for the third pillar.

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    You DO need to have a product which is on the rising scale of demand. Why waste years trying to build in a company where there is no demand for the product. In my opinion it would make sense to be selling a product that is consumable and would be purchased again in a months time. Repeat customers.

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      Definitnely so DArlene – that is the only way to go the route of residual income – otherwise you would have to keep working indefinitely :)


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