5 Pillar Company in Network Marketing Today – Part V


A System for Success!

Pillar 5

A Proven System that will Work for YOU.

Network Marketing today requires a lot of work. Therefore it is a MUST  that the team you join has a system that will work for everyone. People come from so many different walks of life!

The system needs to provide training, books, videos, audios and needs to teach the system, as there are constantly new people who need to get to know it and who need to be able to use it. The more people you sponsor into your team the less you’ll be able to train them only one on one.

You need to be able to learn the required skills for building your business from the system and you need to take responsibility for it. Nobody can learn it but YOU.

In a good system you will be able to connect with all the leaders for upline advice. It make take a while till you  can operate the system successfully – nobody can read by only learning the alphabet.  
As with everything in line you need to take the learning curve and be patient and persistent.  

A good system should also have a focus on personal development.  Network marketing today is a relationship business and for building a network marketing business successfully you need to become the person who you customers and prospects want to follow as a leader.

The more aware you are of yourself as a person the better you will be able to relate with people. You will be able to meet people where they are in their lives and help them on.


A system should not request you to:

    (Purchased leads require salesmanship. These methods do not work anymore. 
    90% of the population don’t like being in sales and most people don’t even like being sold!)

Summing up there is to be said, that checking a MLM company according to the 5 pillars makes absolute sense and it will spare you a lot of trouble, It puts you in a place where you can definitely say you will be able to have success in network marketing today and that is what most people actually want.

To Your Informed Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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