5 Pillar Company in Network Marketing Today – Part III


The Pillars are Interconnected!

Let’s check:

Pillar number 3

We already asked – is the product part of an “upward trend”?

In addition the Product also needs to be reasonably priced in the market.

All network marketing  companies have good products and consequently the product you are wanting needs to be competitively priced .

A plan which offers you a whole sale price and a retail price is a plan which is based on “recruit, recruit, recruit…” – unless you are RED you are having a tough time to succeed in such a model.

The next question you need to ask yourself – would the product sell if there was no commission plan attached to it? Literally speaking this means will you be able to actually build a customer base? If  this point applies, the opportunity is illegal.

If you cannot pay by credit card but only cash or per money order – illegal again!

If the distributors collect the money and not the company – illegal!

If you MUST have a Retail Merchant’s account – caution – the company is scamming your!

There is an easy way to find out if the price of the product is ok – go on ebay and check if the product is sold there “under priced” – this indicates that the distributors are unable to sell it – stay away!

If it takes you a long while to talk somebody into the product you become a sales person and who wants to be sold?

ATTENTION: Network Marketing is a relationships business not a sales business! 

You see many points have to be considered for checking out pillar number 3. If you are “in love” with the product of your company, you may not be level headed enough to actually acknowledge some of these points.

If you simply want the product, forget any consideration.

However, if you actually want to have success in network marketing, then you need to consider and make decisions!

Let us know if you need independent input!

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