Personal Achievers are Humble


How do you find out “who is who”?

In the old days we used to say in German: “Paper is Patient” – which means  that anything can be put on paper and unless you have the knowledge or the means to find out you can believe it or not. It may be the greatest of wisdom, yet it may be the greatest of rubbish. The sheer fact that something was written down is not a sign of quality.

Today the internet is a far more challenging place to be when in comes to searching for information, people, a business, or whatever comes to your mind. Anyone has the possibility to put up anything and it is up to the user to distinguish what is what.

So what is happening? At all times there were quite a lot of people who were born actors – they can produce themselves in a way that makes a lot of noise, a lot of glamour; they write/speak big words, yet when you think what they say it is hot air. I am sure you know what I mean.

Anyone who looks for information on a topic and or person  within their own sphere of training and knowledge will find it comparatively easy to select and find the right thing; there are enough templates in the mind to give the guide lines.

However, when you go out and try to find out about a topic you are not familiar with –  what do you take for true and what do you take for false?

Especially in new business areas, where many people do not even know the precise definition of what they are looking for – for instance, who will be able to distinguish precisely between affiliate marketing, direct selling, internet marketing or network marketing. Most people very likely will not be able to specify these business models – all the more so as each model has so many varieties again. It is obvious that those who scream at the top of their voice how excellent their offer is and how advantageous newcomers will find it, that they will make the newbie a millionaire in less than no time and many other flashy things  are wide spread on the internet…

It doesn’t surprise me  that so many people are taken in, are trustful believers until they are burnt heavily by loosing money and more.

You need to be aware – opportunity comes on cats paws – those who are excellent as a rule are not showy, they see the big picture and they are far too busy building their business in a thorough and solid way. They have learned to make the law of attraction work for them and pick up the volunteers and train them well so that they can walk in the footprints of success they have left as a trail.

Real personal achievers are humble – they know how life works, they have faith in the process and follow it with dedication and ethical methods.

This doesn’t only apply to modern business you find it everywhere – those who are really knowledgeable need not speak big words, they can, as a rule explain the most complicated things in simple words so that even the man in the street can understand. they don’t look down on people who haven’t learned as much. They actually practice that the only time you can look down on a person is when you help them get up!

Resume – when you are looking for something worth while, don’t fall for the boasters, the screamers – take  the solid, ethical and long-term variety of the offers, those which you might have to find!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

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  1. Reply

    Hi Frieke,

    the German saying is definitely true. It could be translated into “Action speaks louder than words.”

    When I first got started, it was really hard for me to discriminate between all those labels: internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing etc.

    With experience came the ability to make finer distinctions and the realization that the label doesn’t necessarily fit with the content.

    How many so-called MLMers are in reality affiliate marketers without any MLM business ?

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


    • FriekeKarlovits


      Thank you Oliver – you are indeed right. As far as the proverb goes – actions speak indeed louder than words, the German proverb about the paper, however, implies that paper is simply matter and you can put just anything on it – it doesn’t distinguish or mind :)


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