Network Marketing Today – You Need Patience and Persistence

Network marketing needs to grow. Whatever needs to grow takes patience and persistence. Nature takes care of many growth processes when in the untouched parts of nature, however when it comes to cultivating something, patience and persistence are required.

Just imagine you put the seed of an oak tree into the ground. It will take a fair amount of time to sprout and after it has sprouted the seedling will be pretty vulnerable  for quite some time – an animal can step on it and break it, other growth may squeeze it and stop it from growing, deer may eat it, a harsh winter may cause it to barely survive. Once it has grown a but, has become a little sturdier, the likelihood that it will continue growing is pretty high – in spite of the challenges we have even oak forests!

imageOr look at mushrooms – at first the fungus mycelium grows in the soil – you see nothing, but if the soil was prepared well and if the humidity is maintained at a constant level the mycelium will spread and eventually penetrate the entire soil. Only then, with in a few hours the mushrooms will grow and they will grow fast!

To build a network marketing business you need to act in a similar way.

You need to prepare the ground (plan, get training) and then put in the seeds (create leads) now you get into the period where it takes patience and persistence (patience as your new people will have to plan and learn, and persistence, as you have to continue learning in the meantime getting in more leads for one and reaching the next level of learning second).

The business is already moving. However it cannot yet be seen. The check is still small and the group is growing slowly. but one day the potential growth curve is reached and then duplication speeds up and the business is growing fast and faster and even faster.

Your reward is there. You have something to show up. You are a leader – someone who is a blue print for others who are still working on their success in  building their network marketing business.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    Frieke, you present a great word picture. Much like a video I watched not long ago. The Bamboo tree takes a long, long time to grow. Sometimes our online business take a long time to grow. But with persistence and sticking to it, never giving up will win the race. The growth curve for all is just around the corner, when we persist.

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