Some NOs in Network Marketing Today – part 1



The NOs in network marketing today cannot be mentioned often enough – preferably in various ways as different people will “see” different ways of presenting things.

Human desire for success, for a fulfilled and easy life has become more pronounced over the last decades and the idea of network marketing fits this desire.

Unfortunately it is those who are lottery minded who jump at new things quickly as they are on a constant quest to find “their get rich quick” deal.

As a result all sorts of bad behaviour has developed in this industry and a lot of it on the internet, as all it takes is a bit of IT knowledge to knock up a site and make big promises. Few people are able to look behind it as critical thinkers.

Taking your MLM business to the internet has become the hype of our days. And thousands of fortune hunters are in the scene too. If you just arrive at the internet believing you can figure it out by watching others you will end up in big frustration, as it is not those who work seriously who fill the hype-pages it is those who want to dump their “get rich quick” scheme on you who you will meet up first. Let me therefore show up one of the biggest mistakes you can make taking your network marketing business on line.

Don’t jump into any of the affiliate tools which are promoted as supposedly supporting you in building your business. There are tons of so-called systems out there and you can make some money with them. The question you need to ask yourself is – do you want to make some money by promoting some system, or do I want to create wealth, which is one of the reasons why people go into  network marketing. If your decision is creating wealth then you need to build your own list of prospects, who opt in to you and with whom you build a relationship that will be the basis for a long-term business partnership. So you need an “opt-in” feature  to find leads and you need an auto-responder for professional follow up. This is easy, but not as easy for many, as these systems of course have to be set up properly, the follow up scripts have to be written and some servicing may be required – so it is a lot of work and the cost factor needs to be considered too. Another fact which needs to be considered you find in another blog post: leads – Who Owns The Data-base.

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Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    Frieke this is a good question that anyone should be asking themselves when becoming involved with MLM…” do you want to make some money by promoting some system, or do I want to create wealth”

    I got involved to Make money, not to be involved with making some money. I wanted to change my financial situation and it can not be done if we are making a little here and a little there.

    Great article, keep up the good work and spreading the news.


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