Some NOs in Network Marketing Today – part 3


Don’t Give Away Your Power – Be Yourself!

Another big mistake people make in network marketing and especially online – they follow a Guru.

It doesn’t meet the idea of network marketing. This business is all about YOU and the people YOU help and support. Like this tree at the side you need to be anchored with solid roots/convictions/trust/faith and  nothing and nobody will be able to shake you.

Misunderstood attraction marketing is fatal. The moment you give away your power the moment you are not attractive to people who you would want to be in business with or even sharing a 3 month’s cruise somewhere nice.

To harp again on the topic of personal development, be yourself – work on yourself and become the person you want to be, the person who is a leader who helps others succeed. Connect personally with the people who you attract, ask them how you can help them in building their business. The more you help the more success you will be having.

This is the key to having success in network marketing today.

The internet is just a tool, a “catalyst” that helps us meeting the right people.

This series gives an idea of where to go/not to go and what to do/not to do when using the internet to build your network marketing business successfully. If you want to learn more, connect and get more information which is targeted to your challenges.

It is always a pleasure to be working with people who want to own their lives.

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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