Some NOs in Network Marketing Today – part 2


In the previous posted we have started to speak about NOs in network marketing today, especially when doing it on line.

Another very tempting place on line are the multitude of social networks which are  the perfect place for meeting people all over the world. But even if you work a network marketing business which doesn’t permit you global expansion, social networks will be a great place for meeting people and making friends.

Yes! Meeting People and Making Friends!

When you jump into social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter it seems like people have not a clue what to do.  Lots of the unsuitable messaging which is done is the result of observing what others are doing. There is massive pitching going on messages like: "Join me in my most recent MLM pre-launch opportunity" or "Come and buy my Renegade network marketing product".

This is the safest way to turn people off. As said above – social networks are about being sociable and friendly with people, helping them on where they have not a clue what to do, giving them a hint if they pitch badly as newcomers – most have been there at some stage and why a should everyone have to make the same mistakes over?

There are many who struggle with having success in their network marketing business. Help them. It helps the reputation of the entire community.

Have fun meeting people and making friends!

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with A Servant’s Heart

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  1. gray lawrence


    Hi Frieke Karlovits. I am new to your site, thank you. First you have a nice but unusual name Where is it from? Reason I have come across lots of names and many from serving in the forces,,
    I agree with prospecting but sometimes frustration takes over as much as enthusiasm, which of course can put people off. We (not me) in the UK are still a sceptic bunch and always remember when we had a bad experience instead of moving on..Home based businesses have a great deal to offer and the one I represent is in over 24 countries including Australia. Have a great day and look forward to hearing from you. Gray

  2. Reply

    Hey Gray – let’s talk about methods of marketing instead of a busienss – mine is internatinal too :)
    Looking forward to give you all the input you need for success, Frieke

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