Planning in Network Marketing Today – Choose A Solid Company


A Solid Company?

aren’t they all?

So – Where to Start?

This is a complex and delicate topic. Below I will list  the criteria which you certainly need to check out when choosing the network marketing company you plan to base your life on. You need to match facts which cannot be overlooked with the trust you might have in the person who presented which ever company to you.

Lots of people are too trusting, have too little background knowledge or training, and decide to join a network marketing business because they are enthusiastic about it or the perspective that they finally might own their lives. Enthusiasm often covers up rational evaluations until  the mischief arises.

What to check out when investigating a company:

1.  Company Management: do they have personal experience building their own network marketing organization and have they done it with Integrity?

2.  Time Line: is the company over their first years “childhood diseases”?  Are the products of the company in tune with the beginning of a massive trend of consumer demand?

3.  Does the company have a remarkable product at a reasonable price – excellent price/performance ratio?

4.  Does the compensation plan pay part-time people adequately for their efforts?

5.  Can your mentor offer you a system which you can duplicate as well as the people you bring in, etc…?

These are the core points that should be investigated for sure to make sure success will be possible. There are quite a number of additional points which do have an impact on your success in a network marketing business, which, however need to be discussed from case to case.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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