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Left brain, right brain, gut, intuition – all sorts of discussions are going on.

In our society the left brain is the clear favourite. Think of how learning at school is structured – facts and figures are the top topics.  Creative work (right brain) is mostly more play than considered seriously.

Of course we need to use our logic (left brain) – skills need to be acquired and honed.  However, in network marketing, as everywhere else mastering of a set of skills is required for success.

A while back I read a publication in a newspaper – they had interviewed managers to find out how they make their decisions and the result was surprising – most of them clearly stated that gut feeling, intuition played an important role!

If intuition, using of the right brain, is important even in normal business – you can imagine that it is a real necessity in network marketing. Men and women have a different approach to intuition.  Men are having a lot harder time talking about intuition or their feelings yet are willing to connect with the gut. Women are a lot more relaxed and open on these issues. In a way this gives women a bit of a head start in network marketing. In network marketing today it is accepted that building a network marketing business needs intuition. Handling of people needs intuition.

Our school system doesn’t prepare us for this kind of challenge. It is Mathematics, English, Science – the left brain, which is trained on  all levels. However, when it comes to train our thinking capacity we need to activate and use your right brain,  intuition that is the key.

It is your intuition, the usage of the right brain which is the real gem when it comes to building something like a network marketing business. We’re not taught to trust it, but today fortunately  there is enough material available on the internet and I even found a free  class which is designed to help you develop as a person and one major aspect of this is to develop your right brain, your intuition, your gut.

If you think you  might need this, simply let me know I can get you in touch with this free course.

There is no reason, so to speak, to use “missing intuition” as an excuse for failure in business. Never forget you can achieve all you think you can achieve. So let success be yours.

To Your Intuitive Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    Great article. Coincidentally I got an email from Networking Times offering a free page reprint from the current issue on the topic of women in network marketing. According to the article, women make up the majority of those engaged in network marketing but those who have reached the top leadership positions are men. Curious, no?

    • FriekeKarlovits


      well I don’t think so – as a rule it is the men who can free themselves from a lot of the family chores so they can focus more on building the business.

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