Independence in Network Marketing Today


Independence – Truth or Fake?

Today network marketing is an excellent opportunity to work for your independence. Yes, WORK!

Too many sites on the internet propagate “get rich quick” schemes online, claiming that they are network marketing businesses. However, they are not. Instead all this hype is tinting the reputation of the industry.

What is Net – Work – Marketing?

As the word implies it is a Net of people Working at Marketing. A net in a way implies that there is no hierarchy, that there are many equal “cells”. Yes, people have different levels of success in network marketing – but doesn’t very much the same also apply for any other business or profession?

It is always those who succeed, who are good at it, who apply themselves diligently, who have persistence and don’t let themselves be discouraged.

When I looked at the numbers of opening and closing businesses at the Chamber of Commerce one day, I was stunned to see how many businesses that open do not succeed and close even within their first year. A network marketing business is a business as any other, and as a result it cannot be a surprise that many of these businesses close again within a short period of time.

Does this mean running a restaurant does not work? No

Does this mean running a car sales business does not work? NO

So why the hell should it mean a network marketing business doesn’t work?

I hope you get my point. It is not the business which is not successful it is the person who is not running it successfully. Does it mean it is the person’s fault? It may be, but in many instances is it not.

Very often it is simply lack of education, as unlike in many other trades or professions, network marketing doesn’t have an established training course. Even corporate training may very well not serve the purpose, as many network marketing companies have a management who have never done network marketing themselves.  So how can they train anyone successfully?

Yes, network marketing is designed to give you independence if you play by the proven rules. Get trained by somebody who is doing it successfully now. NOW being the critical point about it as change is rapid in this industry.

Have a critical mind, choose well and claim your independence by building a successful network marketing business today!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    I am so pleased to be seeing more articles written on the importance of getting trained and treating Network marketing as a business!

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    Me too. Things like these really excite me I can relate to this post because I remember I quit my first job in order to do something that I love. Internet marketing. :)

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