If Not Network Marketing Today – What …?

So WHAT if not network marketing today? Is there an option if you have a vision in life?

I give you a number of examples:                              image

A JOB – “J ust O ver B roke” – working 40 hours per week for 40 years …

A Business – being tied to a loan – what you make in the first 10 years may just be enough for covering the loan and not much more? Look at the rate at which businesses are closing down – and what happens with the loan?

Being an artist or any self-employed high trained professional  like lawyers, etc, – in all of these cases you exchange work/time for money and to earn again the same needs to take place all the time – sure there may be employees – they also need their pay and the rat race goes on. 

Ok – you will say network marketers  go out of business too – yes, they do as of any other business or job too – but there is no risk – no loan that remains.

I have discussed in some previous posts all sorts of issues which need to be solved when getting into a network marketing business – provided this is done you are safe. Strangely enough people will do proper investigations with conventional business – my guess is – they wouldn’t get a loan without a proper business plan! Banks know that a business only has a chance to work when there is a proper business plan!

The big advantage in network marketing – you can build. Yes, you can build – like building a house you can add one piece to the next and over time create a solid residual income that will be stable and set you free.

After that you  – may be – work, as you love what you are doing – it becomes very fascinating and rewarding to see people we mentor grow, having success and start owning their lives. However, there is never that MUST that drives you that MUST as you need to earn money.

It will be a vocation, it will be fun, it will be worth while, to liberate more and more people by leading them to success in network marketing today.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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