History of Network Marketing – Part II


Remember the days when network marketing started – 60+ years back!

In those days there were no mobile phones and land lines were comparatively expensive. Anything like the internet was not even imaginable. Consequently the idea of building a network marketing business had to be accomplished applying totally different methods than are used in network marketing today.


Historic Methods of Building a Network Marketing Business:

Seeing the circumstances which prevailed it was not surprising to teach things like:

  • Make a list of family and friends
  • Come to a meeting every week
  • Do presentations of the business at home
  • Take prospects to big presentations in some public place
  • Request people to give you recommendations
  • Teach everyone to do the same over

In a way it was a system as it could be taught and copied by newcomers. The hard thing about it was that personal development was non existent then and it was mainly sales people who started up in this new business venture. As a sales person as a rule works by ticking off numbers and increases the numbers to improve results this way to build the business was hard to be coped by others who didn’t belong to the few percent of people who love selling.

The rate of rejection was high and as many people in a desperate desire to make this business work for them got really “sticky” their environment even started  evading them. Of course the reputation of this new born business of network marketing suffered immensely – not only for the stickiness of those who were involved, but also because of the incredible rates of failure.

In network marketing today we still feel some of this impact of the reputation which was created over years – today’s young adults had been watching their parents struggle and fail and others in their immediate environment.

As a result  there is still a high degree of skepticism prevailing – and of course – things which used to be state-of-the-art over many years die hard. So we still find lots of groups today, even companies and organisations, who keep teaching the same old rut over and over again although times have changed.

Not only do we have mobile phones, we also have the internet and all that comes along with it. methods that actually work are a lot different from those of those early days.

Naturally having success in network marketing today means that you have to have adequate training – first of all on going personal development, plus learning of skill which are needed to move along in today’s environment. Develop the wisdom to differentiate and choose what will serve you instead of what will rip you off!

To your success in network marketing today

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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