History of Network Marketing – Part I

Would you believe it – network marketing is 60+ years old! Isn’t it surprising that so many people still consider it as “this new thing which seems to be a pyramid”?

It just shows how long it takes till something sinks into the mind of a society. many people stick to their habits and thought patterns without discrimination if they still serve them or not. For all of those who have been in the industry longer this picture collection will match with memories – good ones or other.


Let me go through a fast motion  re-view of the business model of network marketing until we arrive at network marketing today.

Basic idea:

  • connect a producer and the customers  with less/no steps in between.
  • let the money go to active consumers rather than to advertising, trade partners, etc
  • people have been giving referrals all their lives – use this capacity to create and income, to build a network marketing business
  • company benefit – more money for research, as a result better products, press pressure
  • customer benefit – people they know can answer their questions and provide service to them

All these points are valid and valuable. So why has this fantastic concept of network marketing still not conquered the market as the dominant way of moving products?

Stay tuned – we will talk about it!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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