Greed and Ego in Network Marketing Today


On the one hand network marketing today is very simple, but on the other hand it is very complex.

It is simple as it always was as it is a people’s business and we have been giving recommendations all our lives. However, it is complex, as the personal aspect has to meld with a high-tech world, the world of using the internet.

In our days it is obvious that using the internet as a tool to market your network marketing business makes it easy to take your business world-wide. So of course you have to learn the right techniques to make this happen.

This is one place where greed and ego tend to kick in:  it is all about leads and it is all about tools – too many network marketers have an easy prey in their downlines when it comes to selling them leads and tools online – may it be through an affiliate scheme of may it be through a direct sales funnel – doesn’t matter – naive and untrained people are being taken advantage of.

Another area of course are commission plans. Modern computer technology makes it easy for companies to set up commission plans which are complex and involved – in the early days when bonus checks had to be worked out semi- automatic this would have been impossible. Computers make these calculations as per program, so no problem. The tricky part of it is the complexity of the commission plans – too many people don’t understand them or at least not completely – they are at the mercy of their uplines, especially those who understand crunching the numbers and who understand completely how to maximize the pay-plan.

As a result it happens that the advice given is not entirely unbiased and  newcomers may make a lot less money than they could make provided they had received the kind of advice that comes from the heart and has the best interest of the newcomers at heart. A huge delay and handicap if you are looking for success in building your network marketing business.

These are two examples where greed and ego can kick in  and I strongly advise to learn the details of a commission plan in network marketing today if you want to be sure that you are safe.

To Your Truthful Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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