Network Marketing Today – Why Friends and Family are OUT


Don’t Make  a List of Family and Friends!

I know – I know – there are many around who want you to do just this.

Why do I claim it makes no sense:

Look around – most kids know already when they are still attending school which profession they want to do  next. Some want to be teachers, others hairdressers, boys might want to become pilots, farmers or hunters – so many jobs around.

So why would anyone who wants to be a teacher fancy to be on your network marketing list? Or a surgeon who chose this as a vocation, or in fact anyone who chose a job out of their free will. Do you understand why they will avoid you like bad money if you keep offering your network marketing business to them?

Basically there are only about 20 % of the population who actually want to run their own business and among those you have many trades. So only a fraction of all people will be “potential” for network marketing.

As it is in network marketing today, the major percentage of people are struggling – mostly because old belief systems, like “you need to make a list of family and friends” keep being around and newcomers keep buying into it and stepping into the circle of failure of none of their fault. It is time to stop this folly and establish a valid training for network marketer that will eventually change the entire face of this industry by leading more and more people to success in building a network marketing business.

Once you are trained adequately you can stretch out your hand and help other struggling network marketers learn what you have learned and success in network marketing today will be your reward.

To Your Empowered Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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