Network Marketing Today – Leads, but Who Owns the Data-base?

To be successful in building your network marketing business today you need a constant flow of leads which have opted into your offer. This is the only legal way to do it.

In order to achieve this online you need a technical back ground, a system, which has all the features compiled that are required for this purpose. Capture pages with opt in, data base where all the data of the people who opt in are collected, auto-responder, electronic diary, etc.

Most people will not be able to set all this up and make it functional so there are many offers out there and people advertising them in the brightest colours.


I am not the “techie” girl so specific techie information is not my domain, but I want to show up one important factor:

Read the small print of what ever you intend to use and see who owns the data base!

You might want to go elsewhere for some techie or other reasons – what happens with the leads you have collected with the system the used – do they belong to you? Can you export them, then remove them from that system as they belong to you? Or will the database remain with whoever created the system? Mind you – of course you may find means to have all the names and use them, but if the collected information was sold by the owners of the data base to earn extra money?

Or let’s go an other route – you might run into a money problem and not be able to pay your fee – does that mean that all your data are gone and you need to start over -  or will the data be kept and once you pay your fee again the data will be still there waiting for you?

Are the data safe from being hacked?

That’s just a hint for you. Check out this important topic – make sure you get a straight answer, best in writing so that you  and your network marketing business are on a safe road to success!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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