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Why Commitment?

No matter where we are or what we do in life we are bound to be meeting up with some obstacles.

The topic which needs to be ventilated is the relationship between a vision and commitment.

A vision in life is the driving force in life. It can be strong and compelling and it can be vague.

Most people start working towards their vision at some stage in their lives, however only those who make a full commitment to go for it will eventually achieve their dreams.

Let me give you an example. Bill has a normal job. He is ok with his work and he and his family can pay their bills. As far as extras are concerned, like having a nice holiday somewhere, a better school for their children they have to compromise. Their decision in a way was conditioned by the programming they had received  from home. The make themselves subconsciously believe that all is well and they are content – and it is ok.

But there is Bills friend, Josh. He has a similar background as Bill, but somehow all his life he had a vision. A vision of freedom, spending time with his family, following his favourite hobby and making nice trips to get to know the world. He  also works  and gets bye with his family, but he is at the same time looking round as to finding a “vehicle” which would permit him to achieve his dream.

And this is it – Josh is the kind of person who will be an ideal prospect for a network marketing business. He will be ready to learn and do all he is taught and he will be in it with commitment. This commitment to success will help him over hard times  when people will criticize him or make fun of him for what he is doing. He won’t mind, he will have his vision before him and his commitment to reach his dreams.

To Your Commitment to Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with A Servant’s Heart

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