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Branding has become THE topic when speaking of marketing online. Mind  you this applies to all types of business, however how branding should be done best will vary from business to business.

In network marketing today branding is a MUST. Look around – most people try to do it one way or other – all sorts of methods are applied.

You will see people who use the brand of the product they are having, others use the company logo and more and more understand that branding yourself is the way to go.


Let us investigate why:

you use the product for branding – what happens if the product is changed, changes label or gets competition?

you use the company logo (if permitted at all) – what happens if the company goes belly up or you decide to go elsewhere for which ever reason?

Your network marketing company may decide to “dispense” with you as you earn too much money…….

Any effort spent on this kind of branding will be lost if things change!

Brand YOURSELF – you are the head of your business and  which ever company you co-operate with is your supplier – those who provide the product and who pay you for volume you create. It is that simple.

Not only in network marketing this is the way to go when you run your own company. You may have a sales agency – same thing applies – also there you “sell yourself” you gain a reputation for the service you provide, for the quality you choose to represent.

In each case it is YOU who creates the relationships with others – business partners or customers and people are reluctant to change, especially when they like you and they are satisfied with what you provide for them

Therefore: Brand Yourself!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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