Network Marketing Today – Applied Knowledge is Power


The slogan which you find very often is “Knowledge is Power” – this is not true!

Applied Knowledge Is Power

You can learn and study all your life – unless you take that knowledge into action, into creativity, nothing will come of it.

Just imagine – filling a watering can with water – at some stage it  will be full and will overflow. Unless you lift that can up and take it somewhere where you can pour the water onto a seeded area or to plants, the benefit of filling the watering will be lost. It may be even contra productive as it may provide humidity for weeds!

Or you can learn the best recipes in the process of becoming a chef – unless you cook them and have people eat them nobody will benefit from the effort of your learning.

The best way of learning is “learn – apply”, go to the next step and again “learn – apply” … . Doing it step by step you automatically will fall into a pattern which resembles “plan – do – review – adjust” with the simple exception that the first stage is “learn”.

The results you will be getting will be extraordinary as you will always be close to real life. Especially in network marketing this is a necessity as every learning step involves people which makes practical experience twice as important as in many other professions. Your success will be directly connected with it.

The entire life is a learning process and once we accept it we can always follow this pattern and as a result will learn lots of things which will enrich us on many levels.

Learn – Grow – Succeed!

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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