Network Marketing Today – 5 Steps to Success, Part 2

Let me take you through some more success           information:


2. Automated prospect follow-up.

Following up with people on your list is one of the secrets in network marketing today. Life today is so incredibly busy for everyone. Therefore setting up automatic follow up emails to prospects is an ideal solution. It is best if the are written by a professional copywriter who knows what he is doing, how to answer questions and create a relationship in print. You want your automatic follow-up emails to establish a relationship with ad copy.

You have to have a system in place that does  follow-up with people on autopilot. You’d be doing nothing else otherwise. After all you might be on vacation or even better, on a company-sponsored and paid-for, one week trip to Italy!

Follow up has to be done with an automatic system.

3. One-on-one relationship building.

It is the probably most important sponsoring secret in network marketing today that network marketing is a relationship business. You sponsor people one at a time and you bring them into your business one at a time.

To make this work for you, you need to build relationships with your prospects, one at a time – no way around it, no short-cuts, etc..

On the internet you see y lot of hype: sponsor, sponsor, sponsor or recruit, recruit, recruit, as a rule they are promoting some kind of downline generating system. I was there when I started on the internet – 800 people in my downline and no results. Why? There’s no relationship between you and them. There wasn’t even a chance to pick up contact with any of them -  some even had fake details!

For building a successful network marketing business to day you need to build relationships with your people.

This step is so important that we are constantly training people to do it. We even have a live, generic "relationship-building" training calls every week where people can join in. No company or product is EVER mentioned on any of these calls.

You are welcome to find out more about them.

If you build people, then people will build your business!

To Your Success,

Frieke Karlovits
A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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