Plan – Do – Review – Adjust

Plan – Do – Review – Adjust was an approach which was discussed by Art Jonak at a seminar I attended this autumn. It sounds pretty simple when you see it, yet it has power – power to change imageyour business to such an extent that you suddenly will find yourself on the road to success.


Of course you need to plan! Most people who join a network marketing opportunity let it “flow”. As a result they find themselves in a position where they are only the observers of success. Folks – network marketing is a business not a game! there is no business which you can develop without a plan. It would be like building a house with out one. There is no way this leads to success!


As the famous German poet Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe said – “It is not enough to know, you also need to apply it”!

There are so many people out there who gather information and more information, they list pros and cons and “know it all” yet they never ever make a move to pull all of it into life. Eventually some of them even claim “to have worked so much and yet they didn’t become successful” – well of course not – a house doesn’t get built by studying the plan!


There are of course those who plan, who do and yet realise at some stage that they are not getting to where they want to be – you need to give it some time to find out that you are actually stuck but if you do, take step 3 and start to REVIEW – list what has worked and what hasn’t ask those you co-operate with how they see certain things and then make a change


But be careful – make 1 change at a time only! WHY? Well if you change several things at the same time you have no chance of knowing which of the changes turned the ship around!

If you want to build your network marketing business in an entrepreneurial style you need to apply this process again and again. It is the shortest way to YOUR SUCCESS!

Have fun investigating this idea and DO it!

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. JenniferF


    Love that picture, Frieke… I was always good at doing, but none of the other 3… the Planning, reviewing, and adjusting…

    Getting results from just ‘doing’ depends on what the ‘doing’ is… doesn’t work well by itself in Network Marketing.

    Thanks, you’ve laid out a great path to follow.

  2. FriekeKarlovits


    Thank you Jennifer – it seems such an issue for too many to “see through” a bit of structure :)

    • FriekeKarlovits


      that’s the case – yet there are t h ose who still think they can be successful without actual work LOL


  3. Reply

    It is constantly being in motion. When things are not working as you expect, review and adjust. Plan again and then review and adjust as necessary. A recipe! ~ Darlene

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