Green Personalities – Traditionally Called Melancholy

imageToday let’s deal with the last colour -  GREEN.

Considering that green is a topic in many contexts world wide it doesn’t seem coincidence that green personalities account for about 35% of the population. Where would we be without green – have you considered this? So let’s get  straight to facts:

What are the strengths of green personalities:

They are organised, planners, their persistence makes them follow through.

Their motto is: Let’s get the facts and figures!

Greens likely are in occupations like being accountants, engineers or even in research. Their voice is soft and polite and as a rule they dress in a formal more conservative way. They really love dealing with graphs and whys, figures and researching all details they can. In MLM they may take a long time to decide but once they have made up their mind they will go for it and never quit.

What you need to be aware of when dealing with green personalities:

Greens dislike pushy people intensely. when you talk to them and you don’t give them facts they will be displeased and they are hard to please anyways. all this dealing with facts and figures makes them loners at times and they have a tendency for being depressed.

It is great to have green personalities on your network marketing team – they will work it all out and know exactly how to use the commission in the very best manner. Ask them for facts and you will be very well served.

When you  study the colours you will realise that a good mix of all colours will be good for creating a network marketing business, especially if you know how to deal with the strengths and weaknesses of the individual tem members.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Treadmill Traci


    This was some good information I have some green people that I think are green and I will try some of the tactics that you have stated that they look for and see if I can get along with them better.

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