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Today I want to tell you a story which some of you will already know.

It is the story of the Frogs’ Competition.

There was a day when a bunch of frogs decided to enter a competition of who would be able to climb a high tower first.

Soon many watchers were around and bets were made and of course people started to comment.

They said things like “this is impossible, it is far to high a tower for a frog to climb, no one has the strength to reach that end, the tower is much too slippery to be climbed,….”

One after the other the frogs gave up and in the end there was only one frog left who climbed and climbed and climbed – it was obvious that it took him a lot of effort, but he continued nevertheless and in the end reached the top of the tower and so won the competition.

Of course everybody was curious how this was possible as the frog didn’t seem to be the biggest or strongest of the frogs who went into the competition. When he was interviewed it turned out that he was deaf.

This allegory clearly demonstrates, that is makes no sense to listen to dream thieves  or other negative people who want to impose their negative attitude or even attitude of failure.

When building a network marketing business it for sure happens all the time. Everybody around you will know it all and know it better and will do all so that you will give up. Your success is not wanted by the observers – it gives them the bad feeling of minority!

Therefore make sure that you close your ears to all those negative inputs, mix with positive and like minded people and do your positive self development work. That immunises you against negative crap.

To Your success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    • FriekeKarlovits


      indeed so – negativity is like the anchor chain to the drain – an nobody wants to go down the drain actively!

  1. Reply

    That is a well thought out word picture …. what people perceive to be a handicap can be turned on its head and put Y-OU at an advantage. Well done!
    Colin :)

    • FriekeKarlovits


      Results are always in the eye of the observers :) – Thank you Colin!

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