Network Marketing Today – How to Explain Network Marketing

 You have been doing network marketing all you imagelife!

Even as a small child you knew what you wanted – you saw a toy or a sweet and you found a way to “market” it  to your parents and your buddies – either for getting it yourself or for letting others have it too because it had so much appeal to you.

Later you perhaps saw a film and you were thrilled and in no time your testimony sent others to see that film too. Or perhaps you were sent to a school and you liked it so much there that you wanted others to know about it.

Testimonies of course can work both ways – you may find something so disgusting that you express it too and this NONO testimony for sure will stop many from doing/having the same thing too.

Let’s stick to the positive. Now as an adult you perhaps have gone to a restaurant and had the most lovely evening imaginable – the food was good, the service excellent, they even had live music playing – you for sure will talk about this experience and the restaurant will be getting plenty of business as a result of your excellent testimony.

This story could go on and on. Every day you give a testimony for something you like and somebody is enjoying additional business as a result.

Let me ask you – did you ever get paid for this effort? Did you only ever get a thank you or a hand shake? NO?

Most people consider this a normal state of affairs, however some people understand the power of giving testimonies and start their own network marketing business. Network marketing is simply building a business on the power of testimonies.

Find yourself a company with excellent policies and procedures, an outstanding commission plan, a management team with integrity and experience in network marketing and a powerful system that duplicates. Perhaps you wonder why I don’t include excellent product in the list – well most network marketing companies have good products or they wouldn’t be in business.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

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    Aloha Frieke, I enjoyed your information on your post. I haven’t been in MLM very long but I got the idea of it and what it can do for you. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! :)

    PS..come by and share sweet comment. The benefits are sharing is caring. Mahalo!

    • FriekeKarlovits


      great – you liked it – I see you are from Hawaii -nice! I have a friend in Hawaii :). Let me know if thre is anyting I can do to help you on!

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    I have thought about network marketing in the past, but I always feel like I am taking advantage of my friends. It’s funny, I never mind helping friends out, but I hate asking for anything that involves money. Just how I am wired I guess.

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    Kurt – it seems to me that you might want to get deeper insights into this wonderful business. Makigna list of family and friends is not the thing to do – that was the early days variety years and years back – for some strange reason there are still quite some people who promote it – but there are entirely new ways today!
    Sorry for my late reply – I was on holiday :)

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