Breakthrough Strategies in MLM

Roland Deiser is one of the leading people in the arena of company  training and mentoring. He is the author of “Designing the Smart Organization: How Breakthrough Corporate Learning Initiatives Drive Strategic Change and Innovation”.

Here are some tips he gave for building a network marketing business:

  • Practice oriented learning should become a daily routine
  • Discuss strategies and tips with your upline and leaders
  • Develop a professional identity by learning as much as you can about your customers, the products, the sponsoring system as well as how to build your business.
  • Create a way to mastermind with others in your organisation discussing your experience and respective tips.

It is again and again surprising, that the basic essence stays the same no matter who is summing up and investigates. We are working in a mastermind group and have been doing so for years and I can only confirm what Roland Deiser is putting out.

Have fun and success implementing tips like this!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

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    Well done Freike! … Your article has some extremely useful tips and guidelines …. all we have to do is apply ourselves.

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