Network Marketing Today – Thoughts on MLM Scams

Let’s make a break of colours and reflect on  another topic.

image Since you are reading this blog I assume you have been surfing on the internet for quite some time. I am sure you know some of these definitely eye-catching ads which you find everywhere. They scream phrases as "Make Thousands of Dollars, 0 Investment, We Build for You!" or "Earn $5000 work Fifteen Minutes A Day!" Such ads are enticing to most people, especially those who are looking for ways to improve their lives.

Such ads appeal to the base traits in us and when greed comes in, rational reflection doesn’t kick in. As a  result there have always been people who were tricked out of their hard-earned money.

Le’s Investigate the Mechanism of Network Marketing Scams

In the network marketing arena a lot of manipulation is going on. This is easy as the majorities of people who enter into MLM businesses are inexperienced in business affaires. Often, they stumble into it as they answered an ad in a newspaper, on TV, or on the internet.

Most people have an abundance of common sense, but when it comes to making tons of money, most people seem to forget their common sense altogether, they are inclined to want to know for sure. After all,  this could be the opportunity to finally become rich.

Most network marketing scams are presented as being simple and easy. Simple and easy or even “on autopilot” are the marketing tricks employed. In their normal jobs people work very hard as a rule, spending  time and energy on what needs to be done. It’s the sad state, however, that all this hard work doesn’t get them where they want to be financially.

And now they see that ad that promises everyone that they can make lots of money with a minimum of work. They become victim of an emotional short circuit and jump for the offer that might be the key to a finally better life.

Being Cautious is The Cardinal Rule In Business!

Warren Buffett, the famous investor, states: "you can’t do good business with bad people." This should be everybody’s golden rule.

If you want to go into business with someone, be absolutely sure you are dealing with a person of integrity. Intelligence and ambition are fine, but more important is a good, moral character. If the last quality is not there, you are asking for  mischief.

We live at a time when people have become transparent – it may not be easy to check them out on the internet, but it is possible. don’t shy  away from this due diligence – it may decided over success or failure.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Reply

    Yes, Frieke what you say is very true & is happening more & more in these hard times!

    Fortunately, network marketers who are genuine are really going out of their way to apply attraction marketing methods & as a result are branding themselves extensively.

    This means that a simple Google search on that person’s name will provide you with an insight as to what & who they are (for fun, try Googling my name).

    If there is NO information available – stay away!!

    It is our duty as honorable network marketers to expose the frauds for what they are. It will be the only way to bring credibility back to our industry.

    Stay inspired!

    • FriekeKarlovits


      Indeed so, Michael. The sad thing about it is that ont he corporate level the CEOs, etc need to be always “x-rayed” too because a lot of michief is going on also in that corner :)


  2. Reply

    I like that phrase ’emotional short circuit’ Frieke.

    It seems that because people work so hard in a regular job with relatively little reward, they get tricked by the apparent ‘magic’ of the internet.

    But big rewards must be worked for whether online or offline.

    best wishes
    Charlie Holles

    • FriekeKarlovits


      Charlie, thank you, recognition for an expression is always balm for somone whe published in a second language :)

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