Network Marketing Today – A Life-changing Decision

Today’s world is a lot different from what it was only 20 years back. There is no doubt that the methods employed for building a network marketing business have changed drastically. Old ways like making a list of friends and family are no longer functional – not that they necessarily worked well in those days,but as it was before the days of the internet options were different and one had to make do with whatever was possible.

imageHowever, one thing has not changed: If you want to build a solid and long term business which is to pay you as well as your children and grandchildren you  have to make a decision. A clear and definite decision. A life-changing decision.

There is no such thing as being married to 10 spouses or to travel to a dozen places in one and the same time, to quote just 2 drastic examples.

The same applies to business. You have to be all in. No if and when, No try, may-be or whatever in that line.

Once you have made a decision, a decision as to with whom you want to build and what size of business you want to achieve, universe will give you the support you need by way of the law of attraction.

Simply imagine – there is someone waiting who will give you service and perform for you by  fulfilling whichever wish you hand out. However, you flood this person with a dozen of contradictory requests at the same time. Imagine what will happen – that person will stay put and wait till you make up your mind what you actually want.

This is exactly what happens with universe!

Therefore – make up your mind, pass a decision and then develop your plan of action in accordance with your decision. You will be surprised how much smoother everything works out.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    I love this Frieke! It is so true, how can the Universe give you what you want when you don’t even know what that is? Definite decisions, ALL IN!!

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