Achievement, Hard Work or Luck?

Achievement has been the topic of great many discussions. The question is it hard work or is it luck is a prominent one. The big conductor, Herbert von Karajan, said in one of his last interviews that a genius is made of 10% of talent and 90 % of hard work and persistence and I feel this ration pretty much applies to other achievements as well. Whenever this topic is being discussed with successful people they tell you that it was hard work. Some people seem to be having lots of luck, but the luck we see is the result, we don’t see what got them there. This applies to all areas of life and in particular if you are building a network marketing business.

For long term achievement in MLM you can’t beat hard work! In fact luck may be considered hard work too. To achieve it, it again takes hard work. You need to work on your attitude on your personal development, your professional background and education and a lot more and the resulting attraction will provide you with sustainability and growth. Needed not only in business but in any aspect of life.

It is hard work to achieve a goal and it has a lot to do with commitment and persistence. If you are “all in”, committed 100%, and you are truly dedicating yourself to your goal passionately, you are on the right track. However, if you have doubts or are not sure about your path and the directions to go, life might get a bit bumpy for you, lots of work feeling like hard labor.

Persistence and being able to face mistakes, even learning from them, as well as being able to handle rejection, and criticism will take you far. No matter how many people tell you “you can’t do it”, or “it will never work”; you carry on irrespective and move to the next steps.

Always consider and evaluate the lessons you have learned – there is no sense in making the same mistake over and over again!.

Working hard for a goal gives a lot of satisfaction and will keep a smile on your face, which again is a way to multiply your efforts.

All of a sudden luck will show up and things will fall into place: Be grateful and know “You Are There” – on the right path!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits
A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart
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  1. Darlene


    Working hard for a goal gives a lot of satisfaction indeed as I have found out in the past two years and will keep a smile on my face.

    Thanks again Frieke for your insights.


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