5 Ways to Check Out a Network Marketing Company

Warning! Success or failure in network marketing may depend on the company you choose.

It is a total error to believe that it only depends on your performance.

Most people don’t ever read the small print in any purchasing contract. Very much this same attitude is applied when going for a network marketing business.

As a rule it is some “shiny” product or a hype presentation of some MLM company which catches the attention of a person who is looking for a way to earn extra money. Either they are immediately “sold” on these two issues or they are convinced by someone they know well and whom they trust, that the business they were offered is the best one that is out there. I don’t say these well meaning friends lie to you – fact is, they don’t know better themselves as a rule.

Imagine you are looking for a conventional job. Would you accept a job without ever seeing your work contract or would you accept a job without knowing the payment schedule or without knowing the reputation of the company and the people who run it? Would you opt for a scandal ridden company or one where it is know that they always have one foot in jail? I should not think so. Most people would check out the company to see what they will be in for.

It constantly amazes me why the same diligence is not applied when going into business with a network marketing company. Probably one of the main reasons is the lack of knowledge which kind of information would be important to look for.


There are 5 ways to check the suitability of a company:

  1. Company Management  – do they have personal experience in building a team   in network marketing?
  2. Timing – has the company passed the “early failure” time line? Do the products have growth potential – part of a growing trend?
  3. Products – do they have remarkable products at a reasonable price?
  4. Compensation Plan – do they have a plan which also pays the part-time people?
  5. System – does your mentor offer you a system which everyone can duplicate?

This may sound easy to do – in a way it is, but most people do need help to check out this information properly.

To get help answers to any pending questions contact the author of this article or start by reading “Success in 10 Steps” – the mentoring and training you will be getting is FREE – to put it another way it is at no cost to you, but it will take you time and effort.

If you are new to this remarkable industry of network marketing learn how to check out a company and avoid making  bad mistakes right from start and get educated how to build a network marketing business well.

If you are reading this because you are looking for answers to challenges which you are facing, let me tell you: Your Lack of Success is not YOUR Fault. Achievement requires adequate information.

In either case to reach your goals by learning how to build a network marketing business without rejection is the best option you can go for..


To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Reply

    Hi Frieke,

    What a great point you make, and one that is often overlooked.

    No one accepts a job without knowing those important details. It only makes sense to check on the network marketing company as well!

    Thanks for a great post!


    • FriekeKarlovits


      Hey Susanna – by showing up more and more things which really ought to be common sense more and more people will come round and understand this wonderful industry – our all goal and benefit :)

  2. Reply

    Hi Frieke,

    I used to be guilty of that too when I joined my first company. We buy business opportunities just like we order a book at Amazon, don’t we ? It’s insane. Thanks for sharing your insights with the world.

    Take care


  3. Reply

    Hi Frieke,

    Thanks for sharing this post. It is true that some people tend to jump in feet first into an opportunity without really looking into it at all. Great words of advice.

    Tristram Lodge

  4. Reply

    You made some really great points up above and said it all in ways that I could clearly understand and relate to. Makes me think and I will definitely keeps your advice in mind when I go on my future ventures.

    • Reply

      Thank you Linda – it is such a critical topic unfortunately I have to say – it would be much better if people would apply to MLM what they apply in every day life.

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