MLM – Business or Welfare Mentality – which do you want?

Building a network marketing business there are a few things which scream “scam” – yet they need to be understood.

    • The worst technique you can ever use for building your business is to create fear of loss. It tops everything else in business development. Sure, it does works. It does get people in. But your business will be totally wrong to begin with. You are attracting the type of people none of whom will ever work.
    • Next there are many companies that do a powerline, a binary or a matrix. As a rule their focus is on promoting spillover. Of course there are actually people who have got spillover, no doubt. BUT – the people that “arrived” as spillover never ever worked. Why’s that?

    That’s an easy one: The promise of "spillover" creates a welfare mentality! There are bunches of people out there who are looking to get something for nothing. That’s the kind people you attract when you tell them: "Get in NOW, and you are going to get spillover!"

    They are triggered by the fear of “losing something for nothing”.

    So they get in right away and then they sit like cats, keeping quiet watching for the mice, waiting patiently for that spillover that’s going to make them rich.

    What a great Business Plan!

    The same happens when joining a binary because you are offered a position that already has a million Dollar volume in one leg. Fact is you don’t get paid unless you build the weak leg. But people with a lottery mentality will jump for such a position", they join – but never do anything, and never earn a dime.

    Be aware of the words, powerline and spillover. Whenever you see them you know their purpose is to promote welfare mentality. Something for nothing, something for nothing, something for nothing…

    Fact is, YOU are in Net-“Work” Marketing. Net-“Work” Marketing is a business and it takes WORK – net-WORK marketing, not net-free marketing, right?  It’s not net-spillover marketing nor is it net-zero marketing. The topic is WORK! A "something for nothing" mindset will not work. Period.

    You’d be like giving a bunch of couch potatoes welfare aid directly to their account. It lets them stay on the couch, drink their beer and watch a football game. No problem.

    Those Two Words Are A Hot Tip!

    When you hear them from a company or from a distributor – that’s not the company or person to build your life on long-term. They will not be successful. Move on and keep on looking. There are lots of good companies & network marketers out there. You will for sure find the right mentor.

    To Your Success,

    Frieke Karlovits
    "Be A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart!"

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